Dry Cleaning Leather and Suede in Oak Neck

Leather and suede are undoubtedly beautiful fabrics and their proper care is paramount. Oak Neck Cleaners offers helpful information below regarding how to safely and effectively clean these two lovely materials.
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There are times when dry cleaning is an absolute must. Ordinary washers and dryers can cause water and heat damage to a number of delicate materials because they actually change the fabrics’ compositions. Furthermore, there are certain stains and marks like grease and oil that are unable to be lifted by a “wet” cleansing process. A reputable dry cleaner possesses the means and expertise to get rid of difficult blemishes with special processes that the general population is unfamiliar with.

A common question that patrons ask is if leather can be safely dry cleaned. Leather fabrics are ideal candidates for dry cleaning as it is their preferred cleansing method. Genuine leather is a natural and resistant material that reacts adversely when subjected to the effects of washers and dryers. Any attempt to clean leather by doing it yourself is taking a huge gamble.

Professional dry cleaners hand-clean leather jackets, handbags, and other genuine leather items. They are careful not to “split” the leather due to over-drying the fabric. Leather responds negatively when exposed to usual drying methods and is famous for shrinking if the material dries out. This is why it is always best to go to the professionals for its cleaning, maintenance, and reconditioning needs.

The next question that often gets asked is if suede can be successfully dry cleaned. Yes, of course it can! Suede fabric is absolutely safe to take to the dry cleaners. This material is even more difficult to wash and safeguard than leather. Suede consists of the underside of leather that has been kneaded into a smooth surface. This luxurious textile is popular when manufacturing outerwear including jackets and shoes; however it is also known to attract dust and debris. The inherent sensitivity of suede causes water, a normally benign element, to stain this delicate material. Just as leather, it will become extremely damaged if it is put into a washer or dryer; therefore, suede should always be placed in the hands of a professional dry cleaner.

Oak Neck Cleaners is a well-trusted dry cleaning company that furnishes patrons with exceptional services at competitive prices. We handle all dry cleaning, including leather and suede belongings, with the utmost of care. Our premier establishment is situated at 945-4 Montauk Highway in West Islip, NY and may be contacted by calling (631) 422-4339. Thank you for your interest in Oak Neck Cleaners. Client satisfaction is always our number one goal.