Dry Cleaning Home Goods

Regularly washing bed sheets and towels keeps them fresh and clean, but we often forget about our other bedding accessories. Items such as comforters and decorative pillow shams need routine cleaning as well so that they can retain their beauty over time. Oak Neck Cleaners offers helpful information about at-home care and dry cleaning home goods.

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Sheets and towels should be washed on a weekly basis. Of course, certain conditions may occur where these items require cleaning more frequently. Hot and humid temperatures usually warrant sheets and towels to be washed more often than during weather that is cooler with less humidity.

It is not necessary to wash comforters weekly since sheets serve as barriers between your skin and a comforter. Decorative pillow shams normally only need sporadic cleaning since they are traditionally displayed on the bed for the purpose of show. It is recommended to wash comforters and shams at least every six months under normal circumstances. If you have a habit of eating food in bed and/or a pet also sleeps in the bed, it is suggested that you cleanse these bedding articles as often as needed.

It is important to take cumbersome as well as delicate home goods to a professional cleaner so that they can be laundered properly. Bulky items need ample space to be thoroughly cleaned while fragile bedding items like dainty pillow shams and down comforters need careful attention so as not to damage them during the cleansing process.

Sheets and towels are able to be cared for adequately at home; however, separate the two prior to washing as the lint that towels shed has a habit of sticking onto sheets. By keeping sheets and towels apart, the original smooth texture of the sheets will stay that way and feel comfortable against your skin.

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