Dry Cleaning 101 with Oak Neck Cleaners

No one is born knowing how to dry clean. In fact, unless someone teaches you, it’s really hard to know how to get things dry cleaned, and which items of clothing may need dry cleaning. Here’s your guide to dry cleaning from your friends at Oak Neck Cleaners.

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What Is Dry Cleaning?

Believe it or not, dry cleaning is actually the process of cleaning a fabric without using water. Instead of water, clothes are usually soaked in a solvent, and then dried so that they are clean. Often, clothes are dry cleaned in a machine that looks very much like a standard washer and dryer, but water is replaced by solvents.

What Kind of Garments Should Be Dry Cleaned?

There are several kinds of garments and fabrics that should be dry cleaned. Anything that has a dry clean only label should be cleaned professionally. Suits, jackets, gowns, leather or suede, silk, coats, and other fabrics or garments cannot be put in a washing machine. There are also garments that have to be dry cleaned because they have gotten a stain–such as oil or grease–that can’t be removed with a traditional wash and dry.

Also, some items are professionally cleaned because they are too large or too bulky to fit in a traditional washing machine. These items would include rugs or mats, comforters and curtains. They cannot be cleaned effectively in a home washer or dryer, and you run the risk of damaging your appliances.

If you have concerns about which fabrics need to be dry cleaned, it is helpful to call ahead to your dry cleaner and ask. If you are in doubt about whether something should be dry cleaned or not, it is always better to have it professionally cleaned than run the risk of ruining it.

What About Environmental Concerns?

A lot of people are worried about the environment, and solvents can be damaging to the environment. However, the modern cleaning process recaptures nearly 99.9% of the solvents to be recycled, so the cleaning process is not a danger to the environment.

When you’re ready to get those clothes you love professionally dry cleaned, give Oak Neck Cleaners a call at 631-422-4339. You can also drop your clothes off at 945-4 Montauk Highway, West Islip, New York, 11795.