Do’s & Don’ts of Dry Cleaning


Make sure that you save the care tags attached to the clothing you purchase and share them with your dry cleaning establishment. Ask for their advice about how they suggest cleaning the clothing. Be mindful of how you should take care of the garments at home as well.

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Give your clothing a good, thorough brushing on a regular basis.

If you get caught in the rain, dry clothes completely in a cool area with adequate airflow prior to hanging them in your closet.

It is important that you have your garments routinely dry-cleaned because any buildup of perspiration, debris, oils, and dust lessen the beauty and lifespans of clothing.

If you notice a stain on a piece of clothing, bring it to be dry-cleaned right away. When stains are subjected to the elements such as light, air, and heat, they become set into the fabric and may not be able to be lifted. Also, it is crucial that you let the dry cleaning service know which substance caused the stain to increase the chance of effective removal.


Do NOT press clothing if it has a stain. The heat from the process will set the stain and it probably won’t be able to be removed.

Do NOT hang knitted garments in your closet as you would with other fabrics. The hangers will alter their intended shapes and cause the hemlines to droop. Instead, fold them over padded hangers or simply place them in drawers.

Do NOT use stain removers marketed for use at home as they can make the situation worse or cause a lightening in the garment’s color. Since it is always better to be safe than sorry, bring the stained clothing to your dry cleaner at once.

Do NOT use nail polish remover if you get nail polish on your clothes because this will likely do harm to the pigment of the material. In addition, nail polish remover can cause a hole to occur in the garment if its fabric is acetate.
Do NOT put garments into storage before you get them cleaned and protected against moths first. All storage boxes and cedar chests need to be situated in a cool, dry location.

Do NOT use an underarm antiperspirant without utilizing a shield to safeguard your clothing from the deodorant itself. Always permit your antiperspirant to dry completely before putting on the intended piece of clothing.

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