Don’t Forget to Spring Clean These Items

The time for spring cleaning has arrived. When you think of spring cleaning, you probably think of cleaning your shower, floors, and surfaces, but you may be forgetting some important parts of your home. Don’t forget to spring clean these items:

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Couch Covers

If your couch has couch covers, you should clean these covers during spring cleaning. Couch covers can collect dirt and stains from daily use. If you can remove the covers, give these covers a wash in a laundry machine or take them to a dry cleaner. If you cannot remove the covers, use fabric cleaner to clean and sanitize the covers.

Comforters and Bedding

Don’t forget to clean your sheets this spring. Nothing is more comfortable than clean, fluffy comforters. If your washing machine is not large enough to wash a comforter, take your comforter to your local dry cleaner.


Curtains are one of the most frequently overlooked areas of a home during spring cleaning. Your curtains can collect dust, dirt, debris, and allergens over-time. This is especially true if your windows are often open. To get rid of dirt and dust mites, take your curtains to the dry cleaners.


Sure, you clean your pillow cases often, but what about your pillows themselves? Pillows need TLC too. Pillows can collect dirt and allergens, even with a pillowcase placed overtop. Cleaning your pillows at a dry cleaners at least twice a year can fluff up your pillow, offering a more comfortable and relaxing night’s sleep.

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