Ditch the Dry Cleaning Plastic Bags

Freshly cleaned laundry hanging in a clear bag is the quintessential image of dry-cleaning, as old as the industry itself. If you are like most people, you pick up your dry cleaning and proceed to hang it in the closet, fresh and ready to use the next time you need it. However, you may be causing more damage than you realize.

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The lightweight plastic bag provided by most dry cleaners is designed to keep your clothes dry and free of stains long enough to get them home, but it was never intended to be a long-term storage solution. Not only is the bag a choking hazard for small children or animals, but it can also have long-term deleterious effects on your clothes as well.

While “dry” cleaning is a water-free process, the chemicals that are used do produce a small amount of moisture as a side effect. This moisture normally evaporates harmlessly into the air but can cause significant problems if trapped inside a plastic bag. Not only does it provide a growth medium for mold and mildew, but it can also interact with chemical compounds in the bag to create pigments that can stain your clothes.

If you have already experienced this issue and have moldy or discolored clothes, there are steps you can take to try and fix the problem. If the garments in question are dry-clean only, a professional cleaner will need to work their magic. For clothes with standard washing requirements, four hours of soaking in an oxygen-based bleach solution (OxiClean, OXO Brite, etc.) will often do the trick.

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