Discover the Benefits of Dry Cleaning for Your Clothes

Our clothing is a daily expression of our personalities and styles.  In order to fully show the world who we are, we want to look our best!  That means your clothes should be neat and look as new as possible no matter how long you’ve had them.  One of the ways to keep your wardrobe looking as pristine as possible is to start dry-cleaning them!  Oak Neck Cleaners is here to assist you with any of your dry cleaning needs and explain how the process keeps you looking like you just walked out of a store with a brand-new outfit! 

dry cleaning near meBefore you can decide to start dry cleaning your clothes, you’ll probably want to know exactly what the process entails.  Rather than using water the way your washing machine at home does, dry cleaning utilizes a specialized cleaning process with chemical solvents.  Odors, stains, and dirt all get removed with a specialized combination based on the type of fabric and the issues with the clothing.  That means there is no one-size-fits-all the way there is at home!  A specific formula is used based on each piece of clothing to ensure the best possible cleaning every time!  Water can damage high-quality fabrics like wool, cashmere, or silk.  Typical stain removers don’t always work and can sometimes spread stains across your clothing rather than eliminate them.

There are countless benefits to dry cleaning your clothes in addition to custom cleaning and stain removal.  The gentle cleaning means your clothes will look better and last longer.  The colors and textures of your clothes will be preserved much better so they’ll look brand new no matter how many times you wear them.  The shape of your clothes will hold up and you won’t run the risk of shrinking your favorite items because you aren’t sure how to properly care for them.

The convenience of dry cleaning alone is a major factor for most of our customers.  All you need to do is bag up your dirty garments and we will pick them up for you.  We will quickly and efficiently clean and press your clothing and drop it right back off!  Imagine what you’ll be able to do with all the extra time.  The clothes will arrive ready to be put into your closet and even worn the same day. 

Oak Neck Cleaners is available for full-service dry cleaning!  We’re the largest pick-up and delivery network in New York.  We’ll make your days easier with pick-up and delivery services and offer dry cleaning as well as tailoring, shirt laundering, window treatment cleaning, wedding gown cleaning, leather and suede care, comforter washing, Uggs cleaning, and more!  For more info and to schedule your first laundry pick up give us a call at (631) 422-4339.  We are conveniently located at 945-4 Montauk Highway in West Islip, New York to best serve the West Islip and surrounding areas!