Consider These Helpful Stain Removal Tips!

Oak Neck Cleaners is ready and waiting to solve all your cleaning problems, but we also have a few tips to help remove common stains which can occur on your clothing or bedding. Here are some stains you may encounter in daily living and some suggestions for removing them:

Stain in Clothing

Lipstick — Believe it or not you can use plain white bread to remove lipstick from many fabrics. Soft or rough fabrics might end up with bread crumbs embedded in the fibers, so try a small spot first to see if it works for you. Another option is to use a cleaning fluid, but once again test a small inconspicuous spot first to make sure you don’t damage the garment. Place the stain face down on clean white paper towels and treat the stain from the back, blotting repeatedly with clean paper towels. If unsuccessful, bring it to Oak Neck Cleaners and we can clean it for you.

Gum — Gum can be removed by either placing the garment in your freezer for a few hours to harden it, or rub it with ice cubes to harden it. Don’t scrape the gum with a knife or sharp objects as they can damage the fabric. Peanut butter may also remove gum but can leave stains requiring further cleaning by Oak Neck Cleaners.

Chocolate — Chocolate can be difficult to remove since it contains both oils and sugars. First, try blotting with cold water. You can use an enzyme-based detergent to release the chocolate from the fibers. Ammonia is another possible option but avoid using it on silks or wool fabrics. Lastly, if the fabric can be bleached you may need to give it a good bleaching.

If the above tips aren’t successful, or you just aren’t into DIY stain treatments, you can always bring your garments to Oak Neck Cleaners and let us handle it professionally for you. Let us know you have a stain and what caused it when you stop by so we can focus our attention on getting it removed for you! For more information, reach out to us today at 631-422-4339.

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