Concerns of Fabric

You want your favorite pieces of clothing to last for a lifetime. However, clothing can experience wear and tear over time. Here are some of the top concerns of fabric and what you can do to prevent these problems:

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The more fabric is exposed to light, the more its color will fade. Color loss is gradual and you may not even notice it’s happening. Fading is most noticeable after a garment is cleaned or washed. Dyes used to color suede, leather, acetate, and silk are most likely to fade. To reduce fading, keep your clothing in a dark room and take care when washing. Taking clothing to a dry cleaner can also reduce fading.

Some garments have surface prints. A surface print is a pattern, design, or color that is painted or glued onto the fabric. Surface prints can peel or even fall off if not cared for properly. For help caring for surface print fabrics, visit a dry cleaner. Dry cleaners can wash these fabrics with gentle cleaners that won’t damage the print.

Some fabrics are pre-shrunk, but not all. Fabrics like wool, anogra, leather, and suede are known to shrink. When buying clothing made from these fabrics, plan for shrinkage. To reduce the amount of shrinking that happens, dry clean these garments.

Similar to shrinking, some fabrics can stretch. Heavier garments can stretch when hung up, while other fabrics stretch in the wash. Acrylic is one of the most stretchable fabrics. To reduce stretching, fold your garments, rather than hanging them.

These common fabric concerns are easily avoidable, as long as you take the proper care steps. To extend the lifespan of your garments, have your clothing cared for by Oak Neck Cleaners. To schedule a pick-up and delivery, call 631-422-4339 today!