West Islip Comforter Cleaning

Cleaning Comforters

The best course of action, is always to leave it to a professional. Here at Oak Neck Cleaners, we are familiar with all of the different comforter fillings and the fabric that they are covered with. Whether comforters are filled with goose down, lamb's wool or polyester fiberfill, their owners should be aware of the advantages and pitfalls of cleaning. With the rising cost of materials, a comforter damaged by improper care would be expensive to replace.

The first rule of thumb is to check the care tag on the item. Though down is washable, a comforter casing may not be and could stretch, shrink, fade or run. A satin casing, for instance, would be ruined if washed. Save yourself the headache of making a bad decision, bring us your comforter and let us clean and fluff it back to new condition.

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