Clothing Care Tips from the Experts

At Oak Neck Cleaners, taking care of your wardrobe is our business, and business is good! What you decide to wear on a daily basis is an integral part of your day. And as such, proper maintenance is important to make sure that you make a lasting impression on the various people you encounter. Proper care of your clothes begins in the home, and as such, we’ve assembled a list of tips from the experts to aid you in this most essential of preventative measures. 

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Style & Good Smells Don’t Always Agree with Fabrics

If hairspray, deodorant, cologne, or perfume are part and parcel of your daily routine, take extra caution not to let them touch the fabric of your clothes. Hairsprays and perfumes have chemical additives in them that can cause “raindrop” or “splatter” effects if too much comes into contact with the surface. Deodorants can cause a considerable amount of discoloration, so exercise caution when applying them. 

If The Heat’s Too Much…

Drying is necessary whenever you’re doing laundry in your home. However, just like that cocktail you like to partake in, moderation is key. Over-drying fabrics can thin them out and cause them to deteriorate at a quicker rate of speed. Undergarments in particular are at risk, as too high a temperature can cause them to lose their elasticity. Hanging up your clothes to dry in the sunlight is also not recommended, as today’s modern fabrics aren’t designed with this in mind. 

Required Reading

If you’ve ever made a fanciful wardrobe purchase, you may have noticed those tags that have instructions written in the fine print. While it’s sometimes tempting to ignore them, these instructions are VERY important when it comes to proper clothing care. Some clothes require extra TLC when being cleaned, and not adhering to the instructions can result in irreparable damage. 

Brace Yourselves…Proper Care of Winter Wardrobe is Coming

Depending upon the geographic location that you call home, you might have a winter wardrobe that you utilize whenever the temperature starts to drop. Because their use is limited, it’s important to make sure they’re stored in a well-ventilated area. A closet is acceptable, but storing them in an attic that gets hot during the summer is never a good idea. 

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