Importance of Clean Carpets this Winter

Carpet cleaning is a major task that must be performed at least once every year. Every household with carpets knows the importance of keeping them clean to prevent bacteria and mold from developing. However, most people hold off cleaning carpets until it’s spring. Carpet cleaning is done the least during the winter months, from December to March. However, there are several ways customers can benefit from getting their carpets cleaned during winter.

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Healthy home: When carpets are used throughout the year, they accumulate dirt and dust. In winter, the air is dry, more time is spent indoors, and there is less fresh air available because of closed doors and windows. When the carpets in the house are soiled or dusty, they can contaminate the air and cause breathing problems. Keeping carpets clean keeps the air inside the house fresh.

Buildup: When dust and dirt are let to sit on the carpet for too long, it leads to a buildup of soil that is hard to clean. This not only results in damage to the fabric but also leads to higher cleaning charges because of the hard work. Cleaning carpets during winter prevent stains, dirt, and dust from settling in and easily removes stains and blemishes.

Damage: Letting a soiled carpet sit there for a long time damages both the fabric and the color. The stains and dust lead to discoloration, and the fabric gets damaged over time. Even when you finally clean the carpet, it’s not the same. The sooner the carpet is cleaned, the better the soil can be removed.

Faster drying: Since the air is dry during winter, carpets dry faster and have fewer chances of growing mold or mildew. Summers can get hot and humid, so cleaning carpets during the winter is a better option.

Flexible bookings: Since most people do not give their carpets for cleaning during the winter months, it is easier to get bookings with a cleaner now than in spring or summer. During the warmer months, cleaners are booked weeks in advance, so winter is much more flexible.

Discounts: Carpet cleaning in winter is a lot more cost-effective than in summer, because of the discounts offered by many cleaners. There is less rush during this time, leading to greater savings.

Most people do not usually consider cleaning carpets in winter because it’s so cold and dry. Getting your carpets cleaned during the colder months not only saves you money but also keeps your carpet looking and smelling fresh.

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