Celebrate National Laundry Day

It may not be the most popular holiday, but National Laundry Day is here! National Laundry Day is celebrated on April 15. On this day, enjoy a fresh pile of clean laundry and learn some history related to washing clothes.

National Laundry Day began in the 1800s. Emmett Lee Dickinson, the self-proclaimed advocate for clean clothes, invented the laundry basket on wheels on April 15 during this time period. This laundry basket made it easier for people to transport their laundry and started a movement related to laundry inventions.

Also in the 1800s was the invention of the clothes dryer. Pochon, a French-born man, invented a ventilated barrel that could be hand cranked over an open flame. Individuals could place their clothing in the barrel and turn the crank to allow their clothing to dry faster.

In 1908, the first electric washing machine was invented. Thanks to this invention, individuals could rely on the electric machine to clean their clothes, rather than washing their clothing by hand. The washing machine made things easier for people across the country. The first electric-powered washing machine was introduced by the Hurley Machine Company of Chicago, thanks to inventor Alva J. Fisher, and it was called “The Thor.”

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