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Items that Need Dry-Cleaning: A Reference Guide

A ritual of adulthood that’s become somewhat of a lost art is taking in dry cleaning to be professionally done. Despite the effectiveness of detergent pods, there are some things that need a gentle hand, and one that knows how to operate the machinery that’s needed to properly dry clean the items in question. If you’re unfamiliar with the process of dry cleaning, we’ve gathered up a short list of items that need that special touch. First clue—the tag will read “dry clean only.”

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Professionally Cleaning Your Comforter

You may love the look and feel of that down comforter that got you through the last brutal winter, but now that spring is here, and summer isn’t far behind, you may need to get that down comforter off your bed and to the cleaners for a good spring cleaning. Here are some things you can do to make sure that your down comforter will be ready to go when fall arrives, and the weather starts to turn chilly.

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Let Oak Neck Cleaners Wash, Dry, and Fold Your Laundry

For those living in West Islip and adjacent areas of Long Island, New York, the premium tailoring and dry cleaning business to visit is Oak Neck Dry Cleaners. Our skilled, highly experienced, and NYS-certified garment service pros consistently provide outstanding fabric cleaning and alterations for even your most delicate apparel.

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