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Try Our Dry Cleaning Pickup & Delivery Services

Long Island South shore has always had a great demand for dry cleaning, and it can be difficult to find the right dry cleaner for all your needs–whether it be pick-up and delivery service, tailoring, or even alterations. That’s why at Oak Neck Cleaners, we do a little bit of everything when it comes to making sure that your clothes are in tip-top shape. Today, we’ll tell you about the services we have to offer and why you’ll be coming here for years to come.

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Why You Should Use a Tailor

Picture this. You are running late for an important meeting. You have to lead the meeting in under 90 minutes. You run to your closet and put on your best suit–which is when you notice that your favorite suit is missing a button. You are tempted to put it on anyway, but you want to look your best. Of course, you could sew a button on yourself, but it may not look perfect. You will have to either go select another suit, or you could wear your favorite suit and hope no one notices.

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