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Let Oak Neck Cleaners Wash, Dry, and Fold Your Laundry

For those living in West Islip and adjacent areas of Long Island, New York, the premium tailoring and dry cleaning business to visit is Oak Neck Dry Cleaners. Our skilled, highly experienced, and NYS-certified garment service pros consistently provide outstanding fabric cleaning and alterations for even your most delicate apparel.

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Keep Your Leather and Suede Clean

It is easy to throw your favorite cardigan or pair of leggings in the washer and dryer during the winter season. Each of these garments is usually machine made and sewn from cotton or spandex blended fabrics, as well as cotton knits. However, your favorite leather and suede goods that you wear during the winter season need special care. Here is some information about the care and cleaning of leather and suede.

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Clean Your UGGS with Oak Neck Cleaners

UGG boots are some of the warmest, most comfortable boots on the market today. They are fashionable, and they come in an amazing variety of colors and styles. Millions of UGG boots have been sold all over the world. While you may love your UGGs, you may have noticed that your boots don’t look as good as they did when you bought them. You also might have noticed that there’s a smell around your UGGs that is less than pleasant. Here are some tips for keeping your UGGs looking and smelling amazing.

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