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Helpful Advice for Cleaning Leather and Suede

While we don’t always want to admit it, we’re very much an image-driven society. And as such, what we wear is always a major concern for us. Materials such as leather and sued are synonymous with luxury and style and allow us to exhibit our refined tastes. But, these materials also need to be cleaned a certain way. If part of your wardrobe consists of clothes made from either one of these, we’re here to offer some helpful tips for when they need to be cleaned. 

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Get Your Uggs Dry Cleaned for The Winter

Winter is here, which means it is time to break out your winter-weather shoes. If you own Uggs, you know these shoes are perfect for the cold weather because of their warmth, traction, and comfort. You may also know that Uggs can get dirty from snow, slush, and salt. Once Uggs get dirty, they can stain, experience water damage, and even produce an unfavorable odor.

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How Often Should I Clean My Bedding?

When you stop to think about it, you spend a considerable amount of time in your bed each week. If you sleep an average of six to eight hours a night, that averages up to 56 hours a week–which is more than the average person who works at a full-time occupation. Considering you only wear your undergarments daily, you might wonder how often your bedding should be cleaned. Even if you’ve never given it much thought, we’ve decided to take a few moments and address this curiosity. 

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