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How to Clean & Sanitize a Face Mask or Covering

These days, we are all doing something we never imagined ourselves doing in our lifetime–wearing a face mask. Because of COVID 19 and the risk of infection, we are all adhering to state and local guidelines with regard to wearing masks in public so that we don’t become ill. If you are wondering how to get those face masks you and your family are wearing every day clean and sanitized so that you can stay safe, we have some tips for you.

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How Laundry Services Will Change Your Life

Are you tired of doing your own laundry? We don’t blame you. Doing laundry is a thankless, tedious job that no one really wants to do. Depending on the size of your family, laundry can take up hours of your time during the week or on the weekends. If you are ready to give up laundry, let us tell you how laundry will truly change your life.

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Keeping Your Athletic Clothing Fresh

Researchers estimate that 20% of people play a sport and exercise every day. While that is great for your health and well being, it may not be good for your athletic clothing. If they are not cared for properly, your athletic outfits may become smelly and look worn out. How can you keep your athletic clothing fresh? We have some thoughts.

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