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Items that Need Dry-Cleaning: A Reference Guide

A ritual of adulthood that’s become somewhat of a lost art is taking in dry cleaning to be professionally done. Despite the effectiveness of detergent pods, there are some things that need a gentle hand, and one that knows how to operate the machinery that’s needed to properly dry clean the items in question. If you’re unfamiliar with the process of dry cleaning, we’ve gathered up a short list of items that need that special touch. First clue—the tag will read “dry clean only.”

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Keep Your UGGs Clean This Winter

Winter weather requires winter footwear. UGGs are warm, comfortable, and perfect for walking around in the cold. However, snow, salt, and dirt can make your UGGs unsightly. These elements can also damage your UGGs. Additionally, UGGs can develop an unfavorable odor overtime when worn frequently. To keep your UGGs fresh and clean and to maintain their quality, bring your boots to Oak Neck Cleaners.

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