Can Tablecloths be Dry-Cleaned?

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, the chances of you hosting a large meal or get-together are very likely. And while this naturally entails a great amount of preparation and work when it comes to serving your guests a meal they won’t forget, it also means something else, decorating. This means breaking out the fine linens and that tablecloth that makes any meal a special experience. And while some can be cleaned at home, others need the extra attention that a good dry cleaner can provide. 

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How Often Should I Clean my Tablecloth? 

How often you should clean your tablecloth all comes down to how often you use it. If you utilize one every day, then you can clean as you go and take care of messes and stains as they occur. If you limit its use to special occasions, it’s advisable that you hand wash it in cold water to help it maintain its colors and integrity. 

Helpful Advice for Washing Tablecloths

  • Check the labels before washing. Some fabrics have strict instructions that need to be adhered to. While many can be hand-washed, some require dry cleaning. 
  • If you have a white tablecloth and are trying to make it appear brighter, include laundry bluing. 
  • When storing a tablecloth, avoid plastic bags and cardboard boxes. The fumes and acids contained in these materials can lead to discoloration over time. 
  • Rolling your linens around a cardboard tube can help prevent wrinkles from happening.
  • Refold the linens at least twice a year.

Check Before Washing 

Before you wash any linens or your favorite tablecloth, it’s very important that you double-check the surface to ensure that there aren’t any lingering stains. If you notice one, use stain remover before committing it to the wash. It’s advisable that you wait 15 minutes after applying stain remover to your linens before washing. 


If you have white linens or a tablecloth that was once white but has begun to lose its color over time, you can wash it with cold water and oxygen-based bleach. Doing this once a year will remove some discoloration and ensure its whiteness for a considerable length of time. 

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