Are You Aware of the Specialty Cleaning Services We Offer?

At Oak Neck Cleaners, we can dry clean your favorite clothing to remove stains and wrinkles, while also maintaining your clothing’s quality. However, we can do much more than that at Oak Neck Cleaners. Are you aware of the specialty cleaning services we offer? If not, read on to learn more.

One special dry cleaning service we offer here at Oak Neck Cleaners is seasonal wardrobe service. As the seasons change, so do the pieces of clothing we wear. We can clean your winter coats and boots, as well as your summer suits and dresses. Before putting your clothing into storage, make sure to have these pieces dry cleaned to protect them from potentially damaging dirt and grime.

You may know that Oak Neck Cleaners can care for your suits, but did you know we can also care for your neckties? A good necktie is expensive, and cleaning them on your own can potentially ruin them. Instead of trying to clean your silk ties on your own, bring them in to Oak Neck cleaners to make sure they are cleaned and cared for with professionalism.

Handbags are an investment. If you invest in luxury handbags, you should also invest in high-quality care for these bags. If you stain your handbag or it collects dirt after use, allow Oak Neck Cleaners to clean and refurbish your bags to keep them looking great.

Do you have any costume or mascot gear? If so, Oak Neck Cleaners can care for these items too. There’s nothing we can’t clean! We can clean your costume for your next event to remove any stains, smells, or dirt. We clean these items inside and out to make sure they are as clean as possible.

To enjoy our specialty dry cleaning services at Oak Neck Cleaners, contact us at 631-422-4339!

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