April 15th is National Laundry Day

For most of us, laundry day is once a week. However, did you know there is actually a National Laundry Day? National Laundry Day is April 15.

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You may not love doing laundry, but everybody loves clean laundry. Clean laundry smells fresh and feels soft to the touch. On National Laundry Day, you can clean your clothing and linens to enjoy stain-free, soft, and fresh laundry.

The word “laundry” comes from the Welsh words “lloon” and “dyrte.” Lloon means crazy and dyrte means dirty. After jokingly calling the English “lloon dyrtes,” the term “laundered” eventually came about.

The very first dryer was invented in 1800 by a Frenchman named M. Pochon. At the time, the device was called a “ventilator.” The device consisted of a metal drum filled with hand-wrung damp clothes placed above an open fire. Even though the clothing would sometimes burn or smell of soot, it was the first invention created to dry clothing quickly. About 100 years later, the first washing machine ads were published in newspaper. Though nobody knows who invented the first modern washing machine, newspaper ads advertising for washing machines date back to the turn of the century. By 1938, modern automatic dryers were manufactured and sold to the public. Today, laundry is as easy to do as ever. Modern washing machines and dryers are fast and efficient. Dry cleaners also offer impeccable services.

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