Alterations You Can Expect at a Dry Cleaner

When you think of a dry cleaning service, you might automatically think that it only offers customers the service of laundering dirty clothing. This is far from the truth, as professionals like Oak Neck Cleaners offer additional services like alterations. 

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These alteration services save you time and money as you don’t need to take your clothing to a tailor shop but instead enjoy an in-house fix. Yet, what alteration services can you expect from us? Read on to learn more. 

What Are Four Alterations You Can Expect At A Dry Cleaner? 

The alteration services you receive will depend on the dry cleaner you choose. If you select Oak Neck Cleaners as your dry cleaner, you can expect the following alterations to be available should you need them. 

  • Size Adjustments

Often you might buy an item of clothing that is too large or too small. Instead of throwing it away, gifting it to someone you know, or donating it, you might want to consider size adjustments. 

A skilled dry cleaner knows how to make size adjustments to clothing that is too small or too big without ruining the item of clothing. This removes a lot of the hassle you might experience if you try making size adjustments on your own at home. 

  • Patchwork Stitching

If you like to wear your clothing until it falls apart, it’s common to experience loose clothing, tears, and holes. Luckily, you don’t have to part with your favorite clothing items if you have an expert dry cleaner on your side. A dry cleaner can fix your clothing with patchwork stitching. In a few minutes, clothing that might have seemed impossible to wear will be good as new. 

  • Pants Hemming

Unfortunately, many store-bought pants are either too long or too short, even if they have standard sizing. 

Luckily, one of the most common and convenient services you can have a dry cleaner undertake is pants hemming. When you buy new pairs of pants, you can have your dry cleaner hem them for you without worrying about going to a tailor. 

  • Zipper Repairs

Zipper problems are notoriously frustrating, especially if the clothing you want to wear needs repairing before a big event. If you don’t repair the clothing item, you won’t be able to wear it, but you don’t have time to take it to the tailor; it isn’t a train smash. 

In these situations, you can take your clothing to your dry cleaner, who can repair your zippers. The professionals at Oak Neck Cleaners have the skills needed to repair zippers, so you can trust that your garments are in good hands. 

As you can see, you can expect multiple alteration services at a dry cleaner. So the next time you need your clothes cleaner or alterations completed, why not consider Oak Neck Cleaners? 

Our dry cleaning specialists have the experience and skills needed to fix your clothes and ensure they are cleaner than clean. So contact us today to learn about our pick-up and delivery service and how we can help you with your dry cleaning needs.