A Few Tips to Prep Your Clothes for the Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaning your clothing is an excellent way to maintain their quality. If you are interested in dry dry cleaning your clothing, read on for a few tips to prepare your clothes for dry cleaners.

Empty Suit Pockets

First things first, make sure your pockets are empty before you bring your clothing to the dry cleaners. You don’t want to accidentally leave your keys or valuables in your pockets when dropping your clothing off for cleaning. You will also want to remove any trash, change, chewing gum, candy, or makeup from your pockets. These items can actually damage your clothing if left in the pockets during the cleaning process.

If you have a concern about an article of clothing you are bringing to the dry cleaners, use masking tape or a safety pin to mark these areas. This allows the dry cleaner to see the area of concern and tend to it properly. Additionally, let your dry cleaner know where the stain came from. If your dry cleaner knows the source of the stain, they can use the most appropriate cleaning supplies to remove the stain. Different stains require different care, and it’s better to tackle the problem with the correct tools right away, rather than guess and check.

If you have any concerns with your clothing, tell your dry cleaner when you are dropping the clothes off. For example, if you have a missing button, loose thread, or hole in the clothing, alert your dry cleaner so they can care for your clothing properly.

Now that you know how to prepare your clothing for the dry cleaners, you’re ready to take your clothes to Oak Neck Cleaners. You can drop your clothing off with us, or you can schedule a free pick-up. You can contact Oak Neck Cleaners by calling 631-422-4339 today!