10 Tailor Questions to Ask

When it comes to going to a tailor, sometimes we can be overwhelmed with the process or even get a little nervous to get measured. This can be because of weight changes, anticipation towards a big day, or whatever else. But, it’s important to ask your tailor a few questions while you’re going through the process and we’ll give you those questions to make it easier on you.

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1. What should the fit look like?

A lot of us think that going to a tailor means figuring itself out in terms of what you should look like in your suit when it’s all said and done. But you should also make it a point to ask your tailor what your suit should look like on you so that you can be the judge when you get your suit in your hands. If you have nothing to measure the lookup against, you won’t know if the suit fits you right.

2. What’s the timeframe?

One important thing that you should always ask your tailor is just how long it will take to get your suit back after all the measurements are taken, after all, you most likely have a deadline that you’ll need it by.

3. Teach Me How to Measure the Inseam

It’s great that your tailor can measure your inseam but it’s also important that you know how to do it yourself so that when you go to a tailor in the future, you can just give them your measurements and save time of having to do it in the shop.

4. Teach Me How to Measure the Chest

Measuring your own chest is something that you’ll want to learn as well because chest sizes come up a lot more when it comes to buying clothing. When you can measure your own chest, then you’ll always have the sizing available for shirts whenever you need it.

5. Can You Take the Suit Jacket in?

When you’re asking your tailor questions, ask them whether the suit jacket can be taken in because your suit may not fit accordingly. If they can do it and the option is on the table, then the service will be there if you need it.

6. What Are the Costs?

One of the most important things that you can ask for yourself is how much the tailoring services will cost. You never want to be bombarded with a price after the fact, you’ll want to plan accordingly. This is why it’s important to ask about the costs upfront.

7. What Can Be Changed Later?

It can feel like you’re in a bind when things on your suit can’t be changed later on. It’ll also feel bad when you ask that question when it’s too late. In addition to asking the price of the services, always ask what can be changed later as well.

8. What If My Weight Changes?

One reason why you’ll want to ask whether or not things can be changed on your suit later is that sometimes weight changes while you’re waiting to wear your suit. Ask your tailor what happens if you happen to change weight throughout the process and if they’ll be accommodating later on.

9. Changes to an Altered Suit?

Sometimes people have suits that have been altered already, and at times, some tailors have different policies regarding making changes to an altered suit. All you need to do is ask and see where they stand on the matter and if they’ll accommodate it.

10. What’s in the consultation?

Before you even set foot in a shop, find out from the tailor what’s going to be in the consultation. This is the best way that you can decide what tailor to go with because as you know, not all tailors are alike or offer the same services.

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